The exploratory conversation

If you have been invited for a first interview in response to your letter, it can also be regarded as an exploratory conversation. During this interview the employer wants to get an overall impression of who you are and whether you fit with the company and the profile of the vacancy. The interviewer also would like to know more about why you are interesed to work for this company and why you want this position. Think about how you want to come across prior to the conversation and adjust your attire to this.

Prepare yourself

It is important that you prepare yourself well. Read the vacancy, your letter and your CV again. During the exploratory conversation you can ask questions to get a better picture of the position and whether it is a next step in your career. Asking well thought-out questions shows that you are well prepared and that you are a serious and professional candidate. Make sure you know enough about the hotel, check out the website and if applicable speak with a current employee. You can also go by and get a feel of the atmosphere of the hotel. For some positions you can note down specific points you would change if you would work there.

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