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Hotel job? Tips for finding a job in a hotel!

When you are looking for a hotel job you will go through an application process. Between start of the process and your first day can be a period of months. Especially the orientation phase can take a long time.

It also depends on the other side; the employer. Sometimes the employer has multiple positions open and are looking for different profiles for each position. Also, a match between you and your future employer is not self-evident.

You are the one who is looking for a job in the hotel industry and you can use some help.

Click on one of the following 9 tips for finding a hotel job.
  • Prepare yourself well
  • Looking for the hotel vacancy
  • Writing a proper letter of application
  • Appling online on a hotel vacancy
  • Stay patient
  • The exploratory conversation
  • You made it to round 2!
  • Are you the candidate?
  • Let them hear from you after an interview

5 best pieces of advice about applying for a hotel vacancy

Did you find a hotel vacancy that fits perfectly with your experience and qualities? We have drafted a number of tips and an example of a application letter to help you getting the perfect hospitality job.