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Handyman / Maintenance Assistant - Amsterdam


Afdeling :

Technische dienst

Functie(s) :

Technische dienst: assistent maintenance manager , engineering supervisor , engineer

Functie kenmerk :


Dienstverband :

Full time / Part time

Opleiding :


Werkervaring :

2 - 5



Omschrijving vacature Handyman / Maintenance Assistant:

General Duties:
  • Maintaining and preserving the internal and external structure of the building deteriorated by users wear and tear influenced by weathering elements.
  • In carrying out all duties within and related to your responsibilities, you are required to maintain levels of safety, security, standard of work, maximum output and awareness required by Via Amsterdam with regards to all Dutch and Local Authority standards.
  • Receives oral or written orders from Operations Manager
  • To provide the skills and technical standard required by the Via Amsterdam facilities and the guest.
  • Checks building at beginning and end of shifts.
  • To maintain a high standard of work, respond to requests and damages efficiently and professionally.
  • Understand the Via Amsterdam requirements, maintain and practice the company standards, pertaining to health and safety and good code of practice.
  • Ensure a high standard of work within a reasonable time frame and a well presented end product.
  • Ensure and identify where possible problems that may affect our guests whether they are, being hazards, obstructions or security and do something about it.
  • Professionally approach all solutions and minimise, if possible, zero creation of potential risk.
  • Be efficient in all works, minimum time to completing jobs, tasks, projects etc.
  • Respond to all calls and prioritise jobs on how high they might post risk or urgently needed to be done in order to cause avoidable damage.
  • Be able to work in a team, communicate with all others departments relay information to all others departments where required.
  • Be responsible, observe all company rules and guidelines to the required standard and practise at your best the company code of conduct.
  • Care for and maintain company tools and equipment, keep it clean and tidy and ready for use
  • Take dangerous equipment out of service and report it to the relevant person
  • Maintain par stock levels of maintenance supplies and follow the ordering procedure

Functie eisen Handyman / Maintenance Assistant:

Knowledge and Experience:
  • Technical knowledge of electrical, plumbing and decoration.
  • Technical skills.
  • Reliable, team worker, and good customer skills.
  • Fluency in Dutch, fluency in English is desirable.