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Hotelprofessionals is not a employment agency. We are the job platform for the hotel industry, where only hotels or relevant employers are allowed to post job vacancies.

You can request a new password on the login page. You will then receive an email with a link to the page where you can change your password.

To be able to modify data, you need to be logged in. You can then adjust the data under 'Profile'.

To be able to delete an account, you need to be logged in. You can then delete the account under 'Profile'.


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The GDPR is an important legislation that protects individuals privacy by regulating what can and cannot be done with personal data.

What does this mean for you?

As an organization, we are obligated to comply with this legislation and, for example, delete job application data after 4 months.

Job seeker

For substantive questions about the job vacancy, you should contact the relevant company.

With more than 2800 job offers  throughout the Netherlands, there is always a job offer near you. With the Hotelprofessionals search engine, you can easily search remotely. If there is currently no job offers in your area, sign up for the job alert and receive a notification when a job offer opens up in your area.

Save job vacancies.

Personalized job suggestions.

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Overview of job applications.

Hotelprofessionals is not involved in the job application process. We advise you to contact the relevant company: If you have applied through Hotelprofessionals, you will receive an email confirming your application. This confirmation email will contain the contact details. You can also find these on the relevant job offer and company pages.

Thanks to the 'https://' certificate, Hotelprofessionals is protected against external attacks. And because job applications go directly to the hotel, there is no intermediary. Your personal data is secured according to the law (GDPR legislation).

If you apply through Hotelprofessionals, your job application information will be directly sent to the client, the hotel.

The client is responsible for the further handling of the job application process.

Yes, this is possible. The job vacancies on Hotelprofessionals are accessible to everyone.

You can save a job offer by clicking on the heart icon. Having an account and being logged in is a requirement.

You can share a job offer through different channels such as Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, or email.