Carreer possibilities

Are you looking for a job in a hotel?

One of the main branches of hospitality is hotels. In order to make a career out of working in hotels it is important to know which departments and functions you can work in. There are many hotels and hotel chains where there is a great diversity in the departments and functions available.

Listed below are the functions for hotel professionals who want to work in a hotel. These are the most common functions in a hotels, but bear in mind that there can be many more functions in existence."

Hotel stage

If you are just starting your hotel career or are following a tourism-related training, you often follow a hotel internship or a BBL workplace. There is a wide choice of hotel internships. Most internships are often front office internships or duty manager. Other common internships are apprentice cook or waiter in BBL or BOL form. An SBB-recognized internship is often required from your education. This is indicated in the internship vacancy.