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Work at Postillion Hotels Nederland

Baan van Fectio 1
3981 HZ Bunnik Utrecht (Netherlands)

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  • HotelgroupPostillion Hotels
  • ContactMarloes Alblas
  • Phone030 656 9222
At Postillion Hotels, we love change. We enjoy being challenged to meet our customers wishes and expectations. To achieve this, we have appointed a young, spirited management. A close-knit team. A setting that needs more adventurous employees. People with ideas and plans and rolled-up sleeves. Hospitality is truly in your nature, and so is team spirit. Are you stubborn? Not a fan of hierarchy? Come by and sit down for a pint with the boss. At Postillion, that’s nothing out of the ordinary.
Other things that are perfectly normal to us? Easy to reach locations. Close to the motorway and yet nice and quiet. Perfect for our business guests to prepare for their meeting, brainstorming session, or congress. With your help of course! Because you have a gift, something you have in common with Superman: You know when you need to be visible, but even more so, when to do your work invisibly. It’s a matter of people skills. That is what makes you such a great co-worker. That, and your excellent sense of humour of course!
Postillion Hotels
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Operations Manager

Postillion Convention Centre WTC Rotterdam, Rotterdam

Postillion Convention Centre WTC Rotterdam

Postillion Convention Centre WTC Rotterdam is op zoek naar een Operations Manager (m/v) fulltime. Ben jij...


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