CV example

In a curriculum vitae you represent yourself and your capabilities. It is good to know that your CV only consists of facts such as relevant working experience, educations, skills and qualities. The CV helps the employer to make a profile of the candidate. That is why you should place emphases on elements that are important for the position you are applying for.

When you are making the CV, you should keep in mind that you are selling yourself as a hotel professional. The way you do this determines the position you are applying for. At all times your CV should be clear, short and to the point.

There are two ways to draw up a CV:

  • Standard CV or chronological CV: chronological order of positions and other activities you have fulfilled.
  • Skills CV or functional CV: Not in order of time but skills and competence determine the structure.
In general people within hospitality industry use the chronological CV.

Divide the information in your CV in categories

  • Personal details: your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, date of birth, maybe your driver’s license if you own one and the date as of which you are first available.
  • Education: (as of high school), any specializations or experiences as a student during your study
  • Working experience: per position, company name, time period and a brief explanation of your main tasks
  • Trainings and courses: many hotel chains offer extra trainings. This can be important for your future job.
  • Relevant skills or qualities: language or system skills. The hospitality industry is an international industry and it can be interesting to master multiple languages.
  • Hobbies or other activities: this can add value, when these are in line with the position. Hobbies such as, cooking, traveling and organizing parties.

To get started, follow these steps

  • Collect all facts about yourself and divide everything in the categories above.
  • Make a selection of the relevant information.
  • Please explain, where needed, how your competencies match the requested job requirements
  • Try to make descriptions about qualities, skills and competence as concrete as possible.
  • Mention the level you are mastering the specific language and skill. Don’t overdo, especially language skills
  • Make sure that your CV fits on one or two A4-sized pages. When you are a hospitality employee with limited experience and you haven’t worked in the industry for that long, never exceed one A4. This to ensure the reader can scan most important skills easily.