Let them hear from you after an interview

You just had an interview. You have a good feeling about it, and you are into this new job. Make sure you have the right follow-up after the interview. Giving and receiving feedback can do wonders. Especially in the hospitality industry where good communication skills are extremely important.

Call or email?

It is actually very simple: don’t think about it too much. Put yourself in the shoes of the people with whom you just have spoken. It depends what you think will be the most valuable for them and will not take up too much of their time. An email will suffice if you won’t be working closely with the interviewers. When they are very busy an email can also be preferred.

Call if you will be working very closely with the interviewers or if you felt a true connection during the conversation. In short: asses the situation well.

When do you let them hear from you? Certainly, do not wait too long. One or two days after the conversation is recommended. The conversation is still fresh in the memory of everyone, but you also had the opportunity to sleep on it.

What should you talk about?

Keep it simple and relevant. You don’t need have a lot of small talk.
A number of suggestions:
  • Of course, thank your interviewer once again for their time;
  • Mention that you had a good conversation, and motivate why;
  • Ask a relevant question. This shows that you have had a serious thought about the job.

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