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Werken bij Moxy/Residence Inn Houthavens

Danzigerkade 175-177
1013 AP Amsterdam Noord-Holland (Nederland)

  • Sterren*** 3 sterren
  • HotelgroepMarriott Hotels
  • ContactMoxy & Residence Inn Houthavens
  • Telefoon0638319728
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You don’t just apply to join our team and be a Cycadette, you audition. Genuine star power and an obsession with making guests happy are the minimum requirements to get you through the door, and if it sounds like we’re asking a lot, it’s because we offer plenty in return. You’ll love being a Cycadette but you’ve got bills to pay as well, so we combine all the fun on offer with rates of pay and other benefits that are competitive and then some.

We never stop getting better and we want you to do the same, whether that means sampling different departments or moving up the career ladder. When you work for Cycas there’s no such thing as good enough, only as good as you can be. Cycas never stop growing and developing, and neither will you.

We at IJview Hotels have a team of dedicated crew members that get to be their true selves so that they can deliver positively OUTRAGEOUS service! We put people at the heart of everything we do and are always looking to recruit a friendly, spirited, outgoing individuals for our two brands!

We are the first dual branded property in The Netherlands; 2 hotels operating in 1 building! Residence Inn by Marriott is an extended stay brand whereby our guests stay for longer periods of time. It is up to us to make them feel at home with our family of associates! All rooms are suites with more living and working space than you would find in any other hotel room, including a fully equipped kitchen in every suite! Our guests want to Maximize their stay and we are here to help them do that; by offering grocery services, complimentary daily breakfast and of course refer them to the places to be in Amsterdam!

#ATTHEMOXY we created a free-spirited place where our guests can do all that crazy stuff they would never think of doing at home, together with likeminded spirits they had otherwise never met! The Wi-Fi is speedy and the cushy beds are freshly made, but more importantly, the bar is always open and ‘the crew’ is always on duty to serve. Our crew  can do it all! Bartender, greeter, front desk attendant, speedy internet surfing problem solver… all you, all of the time.

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Hotel vacatures bij Moxy/Residence Inn Houthavens

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Bar Crewmember

Moxy/Residence Inn Houthavens, Amsterdam

Moxy/Residence Inn Houthavens

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