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Hotel The Craftsmen Amsterdam

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Ambassador at Hotel The Craftsmen

As an Ambassador at Hotel The Craftsmen, you will be a true insider, both within and outside the hotel. With a heart for hospitality, you will strive to exceed our guests' expectations, working across various roles to create lasting memories. An Ambassador's role is not confined to a specific job description but involves a versatile approach to all aspects of guest experience.

Hotel The Craftsmen

Located in a historical monument, Hotel The Craftsmen offers 14 unique rooms, each celebrating a different historical craft. From the Boat Builders Signature Suite and the Cartographers Double Deluxe Room to the Bookbinders Single Room and the Airplane Builders Loft, our hotel is often described as a living museum, inspiring many with its innovative design.

The Craftsmen Kitchen

The Craftsmen Kitchen is the perfect spot for takeaway coffee, juice, snacks, or sandwiches. Our aim is to become the favorite sandwich shop for locals, travelers exploring our beautiful city, and guests of Hotel The Craftsmen.

Your Role as an Ambassador

As an Ambassador, you will have a multifaceted role, including responsibilities such as:

  • Managing breakfast service and ensuring it is delightful.
  • Handling reception duties, including checking guests in and out.
  • Supervising the cleanliness of rooms and ensuring housekeeping standards are met.
  • Providing exceptional guest recommendations and organizing special extras for occasions.
  • Serving beverages to guests after a long day of sightseeing.
  • Running shifts in our sandwich store, ensuring smooth operations.

By excelling in these diverse tasks, you will play a key role in maintaining our high standards of guest satisfaction and hospitality.

Who Are You?

To be a successful Ambassador at Hotel The Craftsmen, you need to have a blend of skills and attributes that align with our commitment to excellence. You should possess:

  • Strong organizational skills and keen attention to detail.
  • A proactive attitude and flexibility in setting priorities.
  • Curiosity, adventurousness, and a willingness to learn.
  • A passion for the hospitality industry, coupled with the best hospitality smile.
  • Independence and confidence in your abilities.
  • A deep appreciation for design and culture.
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